Travel Companions – Are You Compatible?

I was reminded the other day just how important it is to surround yourself with like minded people. An acquaintance of mine had just returned from the Caribbean with a friend and her adult daughter and it didn’t go as well as she had expected. The two had traveled together in the past but this was the first time the daughter joined them. She proceeded to tell me that although she had a nice trip, she wished it had been more active. “Usually we are pretty adventurous and spend our days off exploring, but all her daughter wanted to do was hang out at the resort, read, drink and eat” and that “unfortunately the trip mostly revolved around her, so we ended up doing a whole lot of nothing.”

What’s worse than holding someone back? Being the one that’s held back … especially on vacation! Unfortunately we don’t have control over everything, and stuff  ‘comes up.’  Whether it’s a bad case of jet lag, illness, injury, or simply lack of interest we should be prepared to go on or stay back alone.

For the most part I’m a confident traveler and it wouldn’t bother me a bit to do my own thing. So, when I travel I like to go with someone who is just as comfortable and that way we can both avoid the awkward ‘should I stay or should I go?’

Sometimes we get so excited about a trip that we forget to consider the importance of not only where we’re going but who we’re going with and what we hope to do when we get there. So, before you commit to that next trip take the time and make sure everyone has equal information and expectations so you’re all on the same page – failure to do so could wreak havoc on your travel plans.

I found this “Compatibility Quiz” online that I thought was worth checking out. It points out some areas that I didn’t mention above, but are worth considering.

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